Covid-19 Update | We stay with you!

Under the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, in France, the quarantine is ongoing. RICQLÈS team concerns about you and your family and friends’ well-being. Let’s stay together during this tough and uncertain time.


Ricqlès in the latest issue of WHERE PARIS magazine

Ricqlès continues its collaboration with WHERE PARIS magazine...


ELLE magazine recommends RICQLÈS peppermint extract

The latest French edition of ELLE Magazine introduced the RICQLÈS peppermint extract ...


Ricqlès signs a new partnership with WHERE PARIS magazine

Ricqlès is proud to announce its partnership with WHERE PARIS magazine for several publications, the first one being in its English Edition that can be read here...


RICQLÈS is available at Paris Airport

RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract is now available at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E Pharmacy called « Pharmacie du Voyage ».


RICQLÈS launch campaign in Paris

Launch of a media campaign for RICQLÈS at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to introduce the new packaging for Ricqlès Peppermint Extract.


Launch of new RICQLÈS pack in France

An outdoor campaign was launched in France to celebrate the 180th anniversary of RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract ....


After 180 years, RICQLÈS is getting a facelift

To celebrate its 180th anniversary RICQLÈS peppermint extract is getting dressed with a new brand identity…


RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract proven efficacy*

90% of users describe a pleasant sensation of freshness when applying RICQLÈS peppermint extract on the skin...