RICQLÈS Peppermint Extract proven efficacy*


  • 90% of users describe a pleasant sensation of freshness when applying RICQLÈS peppermint extract on the skin. The product is considered as refreshing and relaxing.
  • 86% find the fragrance and texture of the RICQLÈS peppermint extract pleasant, and easy to apply.
  • 81% of users describe a sensation of comfort and well being after applying the RICQLÈS peppermint extract on their temples, back of the neck and back.
  • A sensation of appeasement and relaxation comes immediately after applying it on the back of the neck (81%) and the back (76%).
  • 95% of users of RICQLÈS peppermint extract consider that the product quickly penetrates the skin, without creating any greasy or sticky feeling.


*Study conducted in France under dermatological control, 21 persons, results after 28 days of RICQLÈS peppermint extract daily use.